Family and friends remember shooting victim - - Jackson, MS

Family and friends remember shooting victim

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Gone, but not forgotten. That's how the family of 22-year-old Zach Robinson wanted to remember him on Sunday, with a candlelight vigil and words of support from friends and family.

Robinson died after being shot at his home on Cottonwood Lane Tuesday night, those last moments still difficult for many to digest.

"I was actually at revival when I got the phone call, and I was leaving church and it hit me so hard that I couldn't even drive home. I had to just stop and get myself together," friend Cory Smith said. "It's just terrible."

The two formed a bond over the years, even though they drifted apart somewhat after high school, like friends sometimes do.

"We were really close friends. Like, Zach had become like a little brother to me. Just really -- he was always a good guy," Smith said.

Throughout the evening's vigil, friends and family told stories of Robinson's good hearted nature, his strong work ethic and his devotion to family.

Those are things they say they don't want people to forget about the 22-year-old, despite what happened just a few feet away from where they were standing.

"[He was a] hard-working, respectful, very mannerable young man. Would not disrespect anybody," family friend Jimmy Carson said. "That's just how he was raised."

Robinson's death and the circumstances surrounding that, remain under investigation.

But the tone of Sunday night's vigil wasn't accusatory or bitter where that's concerned.

"That's not to say that the family in this situation and the friends don't want justice, because we do," Carson said. "But we trust that God will -- God will provide."


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