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Disaster Recovery Centers Open

BRANDON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Tonight state and federal officials have set up shop in three of the hardest hit communities, offering help to tornado victims.

A disaster recovery center is now operational in the Rankin County Extension office on Marquette Road. If you lost a home are business in the tornado, or had damage, this is where you need to come.

FEMA center Manager Sondra Pensold said, "I think there's so many questions that pop up once they sit down in front of us they will find there are things they didn't even realize they needed to ask and it would be a lengthy process for people, sometimes were able to come up with volunteer agencies they can sign up and get additional assistance."

The Red Cross is also staffing the center, the small business administration and FEMA housing assistance representatives also here to help.

Pensold said, "One thing they need to know we don't make determinations in this office, all the determinations are made once they've registered by computer, we just see the data then we can guide them through the process."

Rankin county Supervisor Greg Wilcox say's he has over fifty families from the Highlands trailer park that were immediately displaced once the storm hit.

Wilcox said, "It could be a long road, be patient, there's help out there, and I can assure you we as Rankin county, this is family, we want to be able to help any which way we can."

Those seeking help are being told to pre-register before you go to the center. That can be done by phone by calling 1-800-621-3362.

Two other centers are being opened in Winston, and Lee counties.

They will be open 7 days a week, from 8 AM to 8 PM.

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