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Business Matters - S.S. Resume

MADISON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Two metro-area entrepreneurs are hoping to make the lives of those seeking employment, and business owners looking to fill positions a little bit easier. In fact, they want to make it "super simple", so they created Super Simple Resume, or S.S. Resume.

When it comes to resumes business owners Don Glidewell and Sam Johnson have seen it all. Not all of it good. From spelling and grammatical errors to multi-page essays with type you can barely see.

They are the type of mistakes that put applicants in the reject stack.

"The competition for a job doesn't start at the interview level," Glidewell said. "It starts at the resume, because that is your calling card to an employer."

And, with thousands of Mississippians looking for work Johnson and Glidewell wanted to offer a solution through their website

"The formatting, the spell check, the grammar," Glidewell detailed. "All those things are what we want to focus on with Super Simple Resume."

The benefits of the free, user-friendly website are obvious for applicants, but Johnson said one of the motivating factors for the site was for employers.

"Even before the interview process which could take hours by itself you burn 30 minutes on each resume," Johnson lamented.

While a good problem to have hiring is time consuming. Glidewell and Johnson's hope is that more effective and concise resumes will save employers time and money.

"We want people to get jobs and we want to make it easy for employers to hire the right people," Johnson said.

A by-product of their effort is putting people to work which is the primary purpose of S.S. Resume.

"The best way to help our state and help our communities is for every person possible in our state and have a job," Glidewell said.

With 3,000 resumes filled out on the website so far they are glad to play a role in getting Mississippi back to work.

They are already playing a role in the economy and creating jobs through their separate ventures. Glidewell runs Think Anew, a managed services IT company" which employs 25 people, and Johnson has his own software development firm.

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