Madison armed robbery suspect has bond set at $1.3 million - - Jackson, MS

Madison armed robbery suspect has bond set at $1.3 million

Drodriquez Williams  (Source: Madison PD) Drodriquez Williams (Source: Madison PD)

A Madison Judge has set a high bond for a Jackson man accused of robbing a couple Monday night. Police say he and several others committed the robbery in the Cypress Lakes subdivision.

Bond was set at $1.3 million dollars for Drodgriquez Williams during his initial appearance. He's charged with two counts of armed robbery and one count of aggravated assault on a police officer, but denies his involvement in the crime where a couple were robbed at gunpoint in their garage in the Cypress Lake subdivision for over 13-hundred dollars and an Iphone.

Detective Dexter Mangum said,

"Mr. Drodriquez was brought in to the Madison Police Department later on that day for questioning," detective Dexter Mangum. "During the questioning, he claimed his vehicle had been stolen the night before and he had been driving around with his girlfriend, who picked him up where he was. "They had found the vehicle on McDowell Park Circle."

Inside police believe they found one of the weapons used in the heist.

Police are still looking for three accomplices, who were in the getaway car that police say almost struck an officer as they fled.

"There were four suspects in the vehicle, 4 black males in the vehicle, one driver, and three on the back seat," said Mangum. "They ordered them to exit the vehicle, the occupant refused to do so and continued to speed off almost running over officer Faulk."

The victims were unhurt in the robbery. They believe they were targeted by someone who stole their car earlier in Jackson, and got their home address off documents inside their car.

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