Family speaks on Hinds' deputy's behalf - - Jackson, MS

Family speaks on Hinds' deputy's behalf

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Hinds County deputy Joshua Adams remains behind bars, charged with murder after an off-duty fight last week.

On Sunday, his wife spoke out about her husband, along with Adams' pastor.

 And what they say may surprise you.

Family members of Adams say they want the public to know what kind of person he is.

Adams faces murder charges in the death of 25-year-old coach Justin Griffin after a fight at a basketball game where Adams was a referee.

"Those are not the characteristics of Josh. Josh is not a thug. Josh is a loving man of God," said Chandra Adams, Josh's wife.

"Joshua did not mean to do this. He was hit three times and he was defending himself,” Cathedral AME Zion Church Pastor John C. Evans Jr. said. “That is classic self-defense.”

"The young man swung several times, landing some of the punches, before Josh decided, 'Am I gonna be a man, or am I just gonna let him whoop me out here? I gotta stop it.' So he defended himself," the deputy’s wife said.

Evans said the questions of “how” and “what” have been explored in the case, but what isn't getting out is the reason why it happened.

"The real reason is that this young man had in his possession marijuana, which was an illegal drug. He was not under arrest, but they were going to question him. And he put up a fight against a deputy sheriff who identified himself," Evans said.

That's not what Jackson police said sparked the fight. Assistant Chief Lee Vance said the argument began over play calls. 

Hinds County spokesperson Othor Cain said he couldn't speak to the pastor's version of the day's events.

"That's what I heard in the bond hearing,” Evans said. “And there is a toxicology report that's being pursued at this time."

"We want the truth and justice for both Justin and Joshua, that the Lord will speak to Mrs. Griffin's heart and know that this was not intentional. It was not intentional and it's not murder," Chandra Adams said.

The family also criticized the media's coverage of Deputy Adams, saying the public didn't get to see his side.

"Before now was not our time due to respect for the family of the deceased,” Chandra Adams said. “I would personally like to send a special Happy Mother's Day to Mrs. Griffin.”


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