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Killer on the run in Jackson

Ebony Hervey  (Source: Family) Ebony Hervey (Source: Family)

Jackson Police have few leads to go on in the search for another killer. Early Sunday morning a woman was gunned down in west Jackson while sitting on a porch with friends.

An unknown man drove down a small street named Wilshire at Britton Avenue. A lot of people were hanging out on the front porch, including 30 year old Ebony Hervey. We are told a  car stopped right in front.

The unidentified man began asking questions and one of them was about spice. Do you have any spice, a drug? This according to a man who said he was the homeowner and present when the shooting broke out.

We don't know what happened at that point. But the unidentified homeowner says that's when the man opened fire killing Ebony. She was shot in the back of the head apparently attempting to flee.

That homeowner refused to go on camera or even let us near his house. He says people on the streets are talking and he thinks he knows the shooter. He says he intends to bring him to justice for the murder of the 30 year old woman.

So far no one is under arrest according to Jackson Police. If you have any information call Crimestoppers immediately.

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