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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods- Archer St. business

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The caller said what was going on at 420 Archer Avenue should not be happening in a residential area and something should be done about it, so I checked it out.

The caller was not exaggerating. Smack in the middle of an otherwise quiet neighborhood, a full-blown logging operation; heavy machinery and harvested logs on the property listed as 420 Archer Avenue in south Jackson.

Surrounding the house are used vehicles in various states of repair. As we rolled video, the owner of the enterprise rolled up in one of his big tree trimming trucks.

His name is Henderson Harrell. He says he moved here from Kenner, Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina and he's just trying to make an honest living. But Harrell admitted he has recently been contacted by Jackson city officials warned to clean up the property.

"I'm trying to improve it and I'm trying to expand and I'm going to clear it up since it's causing a problem," said Harrell. "I don't want no problems with my neighbors and I'm working on it and I been working on it and so it's a work in progress and it should be done soon."

"Yes, I'm a small businessman. I do need some financial help, but I'm gonna do the best I can," said Harrell when asked about moving his business to another location that's zoned commercial. "You know, I'm not going out of business, hopefully, I don't but I'm trying to grow and it costs to grow and just doing the best I can, trying to work and I work 5 guys...we working and not out there doing wrong."

Harrell assures his neighbors that he will improve his property and help take back this neighborhood.

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