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Rifle stolen from vehicle belonging to a DWFP officer

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Authorities are investigating the theft of an assault weapon from law enforcement. This marks the fourth firearm stolen from authorities in the Jackson area since 2014 began.  

The most recent one happened in the parking lot of Academy Sports in Jackson, when a Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks officer left his vehicle to buy something inside.  

Someone smashed the window of the truck and managed to get through the gun lock, stealing the officer's AR-15-type .223 rifle.  

"These are powerful rifles, and in the hands of these crooks, it could be dangerous," said MDWFP spokesperson Jim Walker. "It's imperative that we catch these guys, and I'm confident we will."  

Walker said whoever stole it knew what they were looking for.  

"These guys know what they're doing," added Walker. "They know how to, which vehicles to mark, and how to compromise the locks."

This isn't the first time an AR-15-type rifle was swiped from a MDWFP officer. Two weeks ago, at the CabotLodge Millsaps, someone took two high-powered rifles from law enforcement vehicles.

Walker doesn't say definitively the two are related, but he's not ruling it out.  

"It's probable. It's not outside the realm of possibilities," Walker said.  

In all, four firearms were stolen in the first five months of 2014: three from MDWFP officers and one from a Jackson police cruiser.

A MP-5 submachine gun was stolen in January. That weapon has still not been recovered.

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