Senate campaigns trading jabs - - Jackson, MS

Senate campaigns trade jabs

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

What started as a typical campaign press conference turned to two campaigns trading jabs.

Candidate Chris McDaniel called the Thursday press conference outside the State Capitol.

"Senator Cochran's been in Washington 42 years," McDaniel said. "He has a record of liberalism, a record of big spending and a record of big government growth all across the board."

McDaniel calls recent attack ads untruthful, misleading and ways of distorting his record. He believes there's a solution for clearing it all up.

"One more time, reissue a call for debate," McDaniel explained.

Cochran's campaign spokesman, Jordan Russell, was waiting in the background of the press conference.

"I think that what you saw there was hardly a press conference," Russell told reporters. "It was a personal insult speech."

McDaniel and his staff crowed around Russell as reporters asked Jordan Russell about Cochran's position on a debate.

"Senator Cochran's not going to debate a liar," Russell responded. "Why would we put senator Cochran on stage with a liar?"

Russell says McDaniel's record doesn't match his message.

"Whether it's claiming to be against Common Core," Russell described. "Whether it's saying I don't know if I'm going to support Katrina relief. I don't know if I'm going to vote for that. Whether it's claiming to be against tax increases but voting for tax increases. Whether it's voting for big spending."

McDaniel immediately responded, "Those are really strong words. Senator Cochran's supposed to be a 42 year incumbent who's a gentleman. I'm shocked that his staff would behave like that."

Russell said Cochran is in D.C. working today because the Senate is in session.

"He shouldn't send people down here to call me a liar," McDaniel explained. "He should stand on a stage with me and debate me. That way the people of this state can then see and research the issues and the people can decide for themselves."

The primary election is just two and a half weeks away. It will be held on June 3rd. The winner will advance to the general election in November.

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