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Walt's Look Around: Bayou Pierre Quilters

CLAIBORNE COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

This week we are going to Claiborne County, to drop in on a weekly meeting that not too many outsiders get to see. They meet together once a week in an old store in the Carlisle community.

And no, it's not some secret organization with handshakes and passwords. It's a group of ladies who discovered long ago that the rest of the week goes a lot better if they can take a few hours vacation from it the middle of every week and work on a quilt together.

Jeanie Byrnes gives us the gist of why they do this.  

>>Jeanie Byrnes: It's a good artistic outlet for us. Some of us paint, different ones draw, paint. Use of color.  

>> Walt: Used to, they had to pack up their work at the end of every session and someone took it home with them only to rotate to another home the next week and have to unpack and set up everything again. They discovered that they were losing valuably stitching time in the set up and break down. That's when Maxine Nation's old store building became available.  

>> Maxine Nations: And it became an empty building with no purpose but to hold junk until the Bayou Pierre Quilters came along and needed some space and here we are.  

>> Walt: And that's where they've been every Wednesday night for several years. The Bayou Pierre Quilters is what they call themselves for the nearby body of water, Bayou Pierre. And while the group is sewing and solving all the world's problems, they are making a quilt that will be auctioned off and the proceeds given to charity. Linda Chapman says they've done quite a bit for just a pastime.  

>>Linda Chapman: I totaled it up and we've almost gotten to ten thousand dollars, which we have collected for our charities. I think that's great.  

>> Walt: They all sew and quilt on their own, too. Making quilts individually. But to a person they all recognize the need to get together to do this, also.  

>> Jeanie Byrnes: Well, the camaraderie of it. We started the group in 2000 as a way to get the neighbors together. All of us worked outside the home for the most part and we didn't see anybody. We didn't see our neighbors.  

>>Walt: A weekly get together that has put a lot of color into the world, and made a lot of money for charity, and stitched together a group of neighbors who look forward to their weekly sewing sessions in the Carlisle Community.

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