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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods: Wooddell Ave. eyesore

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

You try to keep your property up; lawn and yard neatly trimmed; house well taken care of and next door to you is a burned out shell with weeds as tall as a grown man.

It's a reality for residents of a south Jackson community and they are getting no help solving the problem, so they called me and I checked it out.

"I come out my front door, It's the first thing I see, that house, been going on for more than 2 years," said John Genous.

Genous lives across the street from it.

"You know, I've been calling; trying to get somebody to come out here to clean the lot up, finish tearing it down," said Genous.

"The problems I have are snakes," said Cynthia Reed, who lives next door to the lot.

"It's a eyesore," said Pamela Jackson, who lives on the other side of the lot.

Jackson has lived on the other side of it since December. They are all talking about 1463 Wooddell Drive and Jackson says she had an understanding when she bought her house.

"Before I moved into the neighborhood, I called and contacted someone with the city that assured me that they were in the process of demolishing this house," said Jackson. "He told me at that time before I closed, that they were actually taking bids to have the property demolished."

The weeds in the yard of 1463 Wooddell Drive are already waist high, even taller, and by mid-summer this place is going to look like a jungle.

"I think it's sad that you have to call, call, call call and still get no where," said Reed. "But we just gonna keep on calling and praying and trusting that they gonna step up to the plate and do what they need to do."

John Genous said he's also reached out more than once.

"You know, I've been calling, trying to get somebody to come out here to clean the lot up; finish tearing it down," said Genous. "I called the city. I been calling my neighbors. I been calling and so I decided to call 3 On Your Side."

I did some calling, also and I am waiting to hear back from the city of Jackson with a status report.

The Hinds County Land roll lists the last owner of 1463 Wooddell Drive as Metro City Realty, inc. And it was sold in a prior year tax sale. We will keep you posted.

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