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Turkoyz - Business Matters

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A change of scenery is on the way for a staple of Highland Village in Jackson. Turkoyz is on the move and for fans of the specialty retailer, they are not going far. A name inspired by one of their signature pieces of jewelry Turkoyz owner, Alan Weeks has always enjoyed giving customers the feeling they were in a boutique, without the boutique price.

"We've worked hard to have a boutique store feel, but when you flip the tag over you're delighted to see it's $18," Weeks said.

Weeks says that approach and attention to customer service are why Turkoyz is thriving in one of the Capital City's premiere shopping destinations. Eight years ago Alan and his wife Fran opened the jewelry and gift shop.

In 2010, they added a home store, and now they are moving to a new space in Highland Village.

"Hopefully we will be there in 2 weeks, but we're moving both the jewelry store and the home store to center court," Weeks said.

Literally a stones throw from the current shops Weeks said the move is a matter of out-growing their current space.

"Our jewelry store has been our highest sales per square foot, so we've always needed more space in this jewelry store," Weeks said. "Our home store, in order to do all the classifications we wanted to do, needed more space."

Weeks says another welcome change is that his Turkoyz jewelry and home stores will be side-by-side.

More space means more retails options allowing plenty of room to feature Mississippi artisans, such as Fingerprint Pottery in Pontotoc and Southern Fired Glass in Edwards.

"Interesting to tell their stories," Weeks said. "We do a little card that goes with every piece that you buy that tells a little bit about them, but it's neat to tell their stories."

The Turkoyz story is still being written and looking at their track of success they have many chapters to go.

Turkoyz goes beyond Jackson with locations in Memphis, Oxford, Hattiesburg, Baton Rouge and Covington, Louisiana. They employ 55 people at nine stores, 15 of work at their Jackson locations.

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