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Wednesday's Child - Kristopher

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This week's Wednesday's Child was first featured in October of 2010.  Since then 15 year old Kristopher has made lots of changes with his appearance and in how he deals with life's issues.  

We met Kristopher 4 years ago at Mac N Bones for miniature golf in Pearl. Kristopher says he is still a giving person and believes in sharing, and he has some of the same interests.

"Play sports, football, basketball, and I like to play video games", Kristopher told us.

Kristopher says he believes in working to make his own money.  He is headed to 10th grade and is an honor student.  He especially likes math and history and hopes to have a career in the military.

"Well since I was a little kid I've always been interested in weapons and stuff and military.   So I decided I want to be a weapons designer", said Kristopher.

Whether it is golf, or bowling Kristopher says he can't do anything half way.   He puts his heart into every game, every challenge.   He came to life when his 5 year old brother came for a visit during our taping.

"I get along easily. I just have good friendship skills", Kris said.

His social worker tells us Kris needs a family who is patient, who will provide structure and give him the time, attention and love he has been waiting for throughout his life. Kris says he wants a family who is supportive.

"Encourage me to do the right things, give me good advice and other good things."

Kris has been in foster care since he was 6 years old.

You can get more information on adoption by calling the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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