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Sen. Thad Cochran calls photo scandal bizarre

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Controversy has peaked the interest of national media. One Washington Post headline read, "The nastiest primary in the country is in Mississippi. And it's only getting uglier."

"Oh my, that sounds like an exaggeration to me," said Senator Thad Cochran in reaction to the statement.

Cochran traveled home to Mississippi for the final days of the campaign push. It's also the first time he's directly commented about the scandal surrounding the picture of his wife taken from inside St. Catherine's Village in Madison.

"I don't know anything that anybody else doesn't know," Cochran explained. "It's an unfortunate, sort of bizarre incident. But it's being handled by authorities. And I'm trusting their good judgement and the system to be fair with her and with others who are involved."

Cochran started running a TV spot that discusses the arrest of blogger Clayton Kelly who labels himself as a Chris McDaniel supporter. McDaniel started this week fighting back saying that he doesn't know the man.

"He was a lone wolf," McDaniel told reporters Monday at a campaign event. "He was doing this on his own. It's despicable. He has to pay the price for doing it and we hope that happens."

By Thursday, three more men were arrested: Mark Mayfield, Rick Sager and John Mary. Clayton Kelly's attorney believes the heated race is fueling the investigation.

"I think this is all about politics," said Kelly. "All these other people are being brought in because it's Rose Cochran."

Investigators haven't detailed the involvement of the other three men yet. So, we did some searching.

One common thread among the trio is the online support of the McDaniel campaign.

John Mary is shown in a 2009 Hattiesburg Tea Party picture with Chris McDaniel. He seemingly used the name "John Bert" for the radio show "The Right Side" which he co-hosted with McDaniel.

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