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Homicides rock capital city

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

This week alone, the capital city was rocked by three homicides, sending shock waves through the community. But how are folks dealing with this recent spike in crime?  

"As a parent, I wouldn't let my kids ride their bikes up and down the street now because it's unsafe. Somebody got gunned down in broad daylight," said neighbor Meshia Pickens. "What does that tell you? That these people don't care about nobody. They have no regard for nobody's life."  

Pickens has lived in her Breckinridge Road home for nearly six years. Now, after Thursday evening's fatal shooting of a man not far from her home, that all could change.  

"As fast as I can get up out of here, I'm gone," said Pickens. "I'm gonna move to the country, way out. Gotta get out of Jackson. It's sad, you know what I'm saying, but Jackson ain't no place to live right now."  

Not everybody wants to leave. Residents who live near the house where three-year-old Armon Burton was killed Thursday morning said they're standing their ground.  

Both people we talked to on Queen Marie Lane declined to be interviewed, in part, because of fear of retaliation.  

Meanwhile on Clover Hill Drive, Sharon Hollins held a candlelight vigil for her child, 19-year-old Jabari Day.  

"He was spoiled and he was a momma's boy," said Hollins to a crowd at Friday's vigil. "He wasn't no thug. He wasn't trying to fight every day and do all that," Hollins told the crowd at the Friday vigil. "That wasn't him."  

Day died Tuesday night after being shot following a basketball game. Friends and neighbors who live in the area are not taking Day's death lightly, saying the violence must not continue.  

"I want y'all young men to put these guns down. Stop fighting! It's not worth it," said Hollins. "You're not only killing other people's kids, but you're killing yourself and you're hurting your parents!"  

One of those cases has already caught a break. Islam Wilson, 19, appeared in court Friday. Wilson is charged with murder in Day's death. He received a $50,000 bond.  

In addition, 19-year-old Wilber Clay is accused of killing 30-year-old Ebony Hervey. That shooting happened on Wilshire Street on May 11.  

The death of three-year-old Armon Burton and the homicide on Breckinridge Road remain under investigation. The victim from the Breckinridge incident has still not been identified by authorities.

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