Democrats trying to create distance from GOP controversy - - Jackson, MS

Democrats trying to create distance from GOP controversy

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The "left" is taking a quiet approach this primary season.

"More importantly than paying millions of dollars for a TV ad in Mississippi is personal one-on-one contact that's so important in a campaign," said Mississippi Democratic Party chairman Rickey Cole.

There will be four choices for U.S. Senate on the Democratic ballot: Travis Childers, William Compton, Jr., Bill Marcy and Jonathan Rawl.

Cole is picking sides.

"I'm strongly encouraging Democratic voters to vote for Travis Childers," Cole explained without hesitation. "We believe he's our best chance to win this U.S. Senate seat."

Childers says he's glad he's not in the middle of the mud-slinging this primary season like his GOP counterparts.

"I offer myself as a sensible and reasonable alternative to these candidates," Childers said. "While I have no control over what happens in their primary, I do want Mississippians to know there is a Democratic candidate who is interested in their future."

Travis Childers previously served as Congressman for three years.

"I have a proven track record of working across the aisle," he explained. "Working to get things done. It's apparent that Washington is broken. All they know how to do is bicker and fight and that's not productive at all."

Like Childers, candidate Bill Marcy talks a lot about job creation. He previously ran for office as a Republican before making the party switch.

"It seems like a large number of our population, black and white, have been left behind," said Marcy. "There's a time and a place where things have to change, and I think I'm part of that change."

Chairman Rickey Cole believes Dems can offer an alternative Mississippians want.

"I think it's time that we send people who will work to solve problems rather than trying to score political points off them."

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