Tornado Recovery : One Month Later - - Jackson, MS

Tornado Recovery : One month later

PEARL, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The work continues for families and businesses as they rebuild in the wake of deadly storms and tornadoes, that hit the state in April. Although progress is being made, it will be a long road to full recovery for many.

It's now been one month since deadly tornadoes tore through the state of Mississippi leaving behind a path of destruction, that residents continue to clean up from.

"I think I'm still in shock from it," said tornado survivor Deborah Scott.

Scott lives in the Highlands trailer park in Pearl, where empty lots dot the landscape.  Just small piles of rubble are all that's left where dozens of families once lived.

"Our kids played with their children so we miss them," said Scott. "It's just like a ghost town over here now."

Construction continues on homes that were damaged. Displaced families are patiently waiting to return home in many cases.

"We've had over 4600 households here registered with us for assistance," said FEMA spokesman Kurt Pickering.

FEMA officials say they've approved more than $10.8 million in federal assistance for disaster survivors.

Many were left homeless by the storms, but are on the path to recovery, thanks to low interest loans from the Small Business Administration.

The deadline to apply for help is June 30th.

"We've approved so far 97 home loans for just over $6.6 million dollars," said SBA spokesman Matthew Young. "So we want to encourage anyone again, a homeowner, renter or business of any size, to get that application in to us because we can't help them till they get that application in."

If residents are still looking for help from the federal government in recovering from the tornadoes they can still do so by calling FEMA at 1-800-621-3362.

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