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MY TURN: Causes of violent crimes

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The recent rash of violent murders, including the tragic death of a three year old child, has all of us asking why. 

Well here is my list of causes for the violence:

  • Illegal drugs are at the center of many of these senseless murders.
  • Teen pregnancy interrupts getting a high school diploma almost insuring a life of poverty and poverty produces desperation.
  • Lack of a structured family.  Too many single mothers and absentee fathers.
  • Legalized abortion has led us to devalue life.
  • Turning to guns to resolve arguments that should never have gotten to that point.
  • Violent video games and movies that glorify a violent lifestyle.  
  • Code of Silence when a violent crime is committed. Until communities stop this foolish Code of Silence criminals will continue to commit violent acts.

As you can see none of these can be solved by law enforcement. They are societal problems that have to be solved by individual and cultural changes.

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