Republican groups chime in with support in Senate race - - Jackson, MS

Republican groups are choosing sides in the Senate race

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Several voices are chiming in with support for the Mississippi Senate race, and both candidates are benefiting from this support.

"I know that Thad loves Mississippi," said former Senator Trent Lott in a radio ad. "And every time we've needed him and called on him, he's been there."

"Chris McDaniel is the type of guy that'll fight for us and fight for our values," said Sarah Palin in a radio spot.

The political action committees are trying to keep their messages on point. One of those, Mississippi Conservatives, backs Thad Cochran.

"I think this race is very much still in jeopardy as to who can win and who can lose," said Mississippi Conservatives' Henry Barbour. "I think Senator Cochran has an advantage. But if people don't turn out, Senator Cochran could very well lose."

The group has stood by this, "Chris McDaniel...our belief is that he says one thing yet does another," explained Barbour. "Whether it's earmarks or whether it's debt. whether it's talking about Katrina or even tort reform."

The Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund supports Chris McDaniel. They had folks from both in and out of state at Wednesday's press conference.

"We're in Mississippi now because this election matters," said chairman Jenny Beth Martin. "We think it's of national importance to have one more senator who will fight Obamacare with every fiber of his being."

The group says they've heard an outcry from voters wanting to hear more on issues and less on controversy.

"The debt, amnesty, Obamacare. It goes on and on," said former Mississippi Tea Party president Roy Nicholson. "Where has Thad Cochran been on these issues?"

The group attacked Thad Cochran's record and questioned whether his values are in line with Mississippi. Meanwhile, they praised Chris McDaniel's character and record.

Cochran's camp did release another commercial Wednesday. It includes pictures of the four men arrested in the photo scandal. It's the second ad directly from the campaign that uses a narrative about the arrests.

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