Incident Report explains timeline of Cochran photo scandal - - Jackson, MS

Incident Report explains timeline of Cochran photo scandal

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

We've been digging deeper to find out how the four people arrested were all caught up in the Cochran photo scandal. We're learning that the photo of Rose Cochran, that's sparked the campaign controversy, may have been two months in the making.

Clayton Kelly's bond was reduced from $200,000 to $75,000. He got out of jail Thursday afternoon.

Richard Sager who was charged with conspiracy and tampering with evidence is also out of jail. His bond was reduced from $500,000 to $50,000. He also bonded out Thursday.

Kelly was the one who allegedly snapped the picture of Rose Cochran. But documents we've received show he was chatting with others about how to make it happen.

 The first Facebook message was dated February 22 between Clayton Kelly and a man named John Bert. The cell number Bert gave Kelly is the one police later used to identify him as "John Mary".

The Madison Police incident reports explains that the whole scheme started on Facebook.

In some of the messages between the men, Bert told Kelly a man named "Mark" would make arrangements for someone to call him with detailed instructions on where Rose Cochran's room is located in St. Catherine's Village.

We now know that was Jackson attorney Mark Mayfield. His mother who passed away in March was also a resident in the facility.

The report states Kelly eventually chose Easter Sunday as the day to take the picture because it's a high traffic day for visitors. An investigator's testimony says it wasn't the first time he'd tried.

"On the 20th that was his third attempt to try and obtain the photo," said investigator Vicki Currie.

The rest of the story is what's played out more publicly. Kelly used the picture of Cochran in a YouTube video that was later removed.

"I believe it was on may the 15th this department was notified about the possible exploitation of a vulnerable person," explained Currie.

Kelly was arrested the next day. The following Thursday, three more men including the man who used the name John Bert, and "Mark" who we now know as Mark Mayfield, were arrested.

The other man, Richard Sager is not mentioned in the incident reports we received, aside from his charges of conspiracy and tampering with evidence.

Clayton Kelly is due back in court June 5th on his latest two charges of conspiracy and photographing an individual without permission.

The other three men's cases are going straight to a grand jury.

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