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Heroic conservation officers talk about saving Columbus boy

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

An 11-year-old Columbus boy is alive, thanks to the quick thinking and action of a pair of Mississippi conservation officers. We talked exclusively to those officers about their heroic deed.

There's good reason for the two conservation officers to be smiling. They've more than earned the label "heroes." They were routinely patrolling the popular Columbus Riverwalk area on the Tenn-Tom river when the Memorial Day holiday turned into a potential horror story.

"One of the little kids ran down there, which actually ended up being the little boy's brother, and said his brother drowned," said officer Marc McClesky, "Kinda pointed to me that direction he went down, I got all my stuff off my belt, my phone, everything out of my pocket; went in water."

McClesky found nothing at first but tried again and again eventually feeling something under foot. It was the 11-year-old. McClesky immediately brought him up and dragged the boy to the shore.

"He had no..He didn't have a heartbeat and he wasn't breathing when I got him to the bank," said McClesky.

His partner, Officer Travis McDonald, immediately jumped into action.

"And when Marc gave out on the chest compressions, I took over and we was able to get vitals back on it," said McDonald.

And thanks to McClesky and McDonald, one lucky little Columbus boy can continue acting like an 11-year-old.

"He's doing really good," said McClesky. "He was playing Nintendo when we got there and his parents were; their spirits were good, said he was up walking around and they were just real thankful of us on just very thankful."

Both officers play it down as just doing their jobs, but they ask that you wear the proper life jacket when you spend time in the water.

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