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Body inside burned car still not identified

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Authorities continue to search for clues after a body was found inside a burning car. The person inside has not been identified, and the fire department says it could take some time for that to happen.  

Around 4 a.m. Friday, Jackson firefighters  came to a wooded area just off Hilda Drive after a 911 cal and discovered a vehicle fully engulfed in flames. Inside, they found a body.  

"We have not identified the body," said Jackson Arson Investigator Greg Travis. "We have not been able to identify the sex of the body, either, nor the race of the body."

Travis said that could take some time because the body was so badly burned. In fact, they don't even know at this point whether or not the fire was even intentional. Could the location could suggest otherwise?  

"There have been some additional cases that we've worked in that particular area, which is Hilda Drive, just north of Beasley Road," said Travis. "We have worked numerous vehicle fires and some other additional crimes that have been committed in that area."  

One of those involved a Ford F-150 that burned out of control back in January. Our photographer also saw at least two other places that appeared to be spots where vehicles had caught fire in the area, while he was looking for Friday morning's crime scene.  

"Right now, we're in the preliminary stage of the investigation, and again, we're not certain as to how the fire actually started," Travis said.  

Travis would not say if the case was related to any other previous incident on Hilda Drive, because again, they only know so much at this stage.  

"At this time, it would be indefinite as to when this investigation will be actually completed because of the limited amount of information we have at this time," said Travis.  

One clue Travis did release was what limited information they had about the car found this morning.   He believes it's a gold or brown Toyota Camry with the partial license plate number 609.   The car also had a Hinds County tag.  

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crimestoppers.

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