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Making A Difference: Camp Looking Glass

GREENVILLE, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Warfield Park is about the best, most accessible view of the Mississippi River between Vicksburg and Memphis. During World War II, it was a POW camp. Now it is a playground and a campground, and it will be the setting for the Warfield Riverfest Saturday the 14th.

A big reason for the fest is to showcase the park. But it is ALSO to raise money for Camp Looking Glass.

The name "Camp Looking Glass" is from the imaginary fairy tale world behind the looking glass. And for a week each summer, that fairy tale becomes a real place for children and young adults who have disabilities.

"Give children and young adults with disabilities who are normally excluded from a lot of life-social events, we try to give them an inclusion in those events," said Susan Shannon of Greenville. "Be it going to a water park, getting into a swimming pool, being able to run a race with somebody pushing their wheel chair. It gives them the ability to participate in activities that normally they don't have a chance to participate in."  

Right now Camp Looking Glass is held just one week a year at LeRoy Percy State Park. But, 12 acres of land has been donated to the camp, and the fundraiser the 14th is to start the process of building buildings and buying equipment for what will be a full-time, year-round camp ground. 

Hal Holbrook of Greenville has a child who attends Camp Looking Glass and sees the need for such a camp.

"Its very difficult for families with children with disabilities because there's not a whole lot out there for them to do and be included in the community," said Holbrook. "And Camp Looking Glass works to identify children's abilities and not their disabilities."  

And by the way, Camp Looking Glass is free to the participants and to their families. Another reason for the Riverfest Fundraiser, to be able to serve more children and young adults.  

Saturday the 14th on the River at Greenville; all the money raised goes to Camp Looking Glass, and WILL Make A big Difference in the lives of some young people.

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