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Attorney plans to sue Madison, Jackson Police Departments

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Jackson attorney says he plans to sue the Madison and Jackson Police Departments, over a high speed chase that happened earlier this year.

The chase involving thieves that broke into cars, stealing purses, and credit cards, ended with a crash, leaving an innocent bystander in the hospital.

Attorney Rocky Wilkins said, "David Robert Pugh was just going home from work on a Sunday afternoon, when the next thing he knows he's slammed into and gets pushed into a concrete wall."

Jackson attorney Rocky Wilkins says his client suffered multiple injuries after he was hit by two credit card thieves, being chased by Madison and Jackson police.

The chase which reached speeds of 90 miles an hour, went from the Target on I-55, ended on Gallatin street, where the alleged criminals hit Pugh, and then went through a building.

Rocky Wilkins said, "I think the Madison police department was playing cowboy they were chasing at a high speed with or without lights, running through public highways and public roads running people off the road for a long period of time chasing these non-violent offenders, then they end up running into my client."

Wilkins says the officers acted with reckless disregard for the safety of others around them. He is seeking damages for Robert Pugh's medical bills and pain and suffering.

Wilkins said, "They've got policies usually to cut chases off for non-violent offenders, that's what I would say they should have done here."

Madison police caught the credit card thieves, when they tried to flee the crash scene. Robert Pugh however continues to recover from a broken back, and ribs.

We contacted both the city of Madison and Jackson for comment about this pending lawsuit. Both declined.

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