Thalia Mara Hall gets ready for International Ballet Competition - - Jackson, MS

Thalia Mara Hall gets ready for International Ballet Competition

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A lot of last minute scurrying going on and putting out fires by the staff of the USA International Ballet Competition.

There are 92 dancers in all and they are eager to get up on their toes and dance. 

Thalia Mara Hall has been updated just in time for this international event in downtown Jackson. 

"I'm so happy for the IBC and dancers who are coming to the Us for the first time, this is their first place ever and will get to see this beautiful theatre," said Sue Lobrano, Executive Director of the USA IBC Jackson.

The stage is set and dancers are eager to get into rehearsal for their competition rounds, but according to Lobrano, some flights have been delayed due to inclement weather.

"There are some who are not arriving today who are not arriving today to register. And we have some from China Some others that planes are cancelled or delayed."

The dancers invited to compete have a shot at testing their skills against the highest international standards.

"The competition begins Sunday but when they step off the airplane they are ready asking 'Where is our rehearsal hall'?" said Lobrano.

The 2 week Olympic style event is held in Jackson every 4 years.  The only location in America.  

Round 1 begins Sunday.  

According to the Executive Director, tickets are selling at a good pace.

Ticket sales are going very nicely I would suggest if you are interested in coming you go online at USA/ and they are moving along but there are still very good tickets".

Tickets range from $7.00 for individual performances and up to $70.00.

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