Gloves come off in Senate runoff campaigns - - Jackson, MS

Gloves come off in Senate runoff campaigns

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

There isn't a complete reboot of what Mississippians saw leading up to the June 3rd primary. There's more of a sense of urgency this time. It's a compressed version of campaigning.

So, it appears the gloves are off on both sides.

This go-around Thad Cochran is laying his cards straight on the table when it comes to his opinion of opponent Chris McDaniel.

"It'd be dangerous to have somebody like him elected," said Cochran.

Bolder statements like that are coming from the incumbent who clearly doubts the abilities of his challenger.

"We're close to the election," explained Cochran. "People need to be reminded of things that he has said and that he has done. And that he has promised not to do like vote for a farm bill.

"He's an extremist," Cochran added. "He said wouldn't even vote for disaster assistance for Mississippi."

Chris McDaniel's spokesman Noel Fritsch sent this statement in response, "Senator Cochran's claims show how out of touch he is with conservative, hardworking Mississippians. There is nothing extreme about fighting to repeal Obamacare, fighting for fiscal responsibility in Washington, and fighting to protect our conservative Mississippi values. The only thing that is extreme is Sen. Cochran's record of voting with the Democrats to raise taxes, increase spending, and even voting to fund Obamacare with taxpayer dollars over his 41 years in Washington. Mississippians deserve a senator who represents their conservative values – not Washington's values." 

McDaniel frequently points to Cochran's record.

"Senator Cochran's been silent for far too long," said McDaniel Tuesday. "It's time for a change in Washington, D.C."

McDaniel's campaign claims Cochran voted with Democrats on issues of Obamacare, taxes and spending.

"It doesn't matter who the chairman of appropriations is," McDaniel explained. "The adults have to enter the room and start making tough decisions. We can't spend recklessly. Senator Cochran's been recklessly for a long time and it has to stop if we're going to save the country.

Both campaigns are using email blasts to reach out to supporters. Cochran's camp is asking folks to spread the word on social media and in their neighborhoods. The McDaniel camp is making sure people see new polls and endorsements.

Two news polls were released since the start of this runoff. Both show McDaniel ahead of Cochran. The runoff will be held on June 24th.

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