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Homeowner associations believe they are key to electing councilman

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

South Jackson homeowner associations gave Ward Six Council candidates a platform to sway voters just one week before the special election.

They hoped to gain insight into the background and goals of the men seeking office. The Women for Progress of Mississippi held the forum Tuesday night at Metrocenter Mall.

Ward Six Homeowners Associations came together to offer a platform of communication for all nine candidates running for the seat left vacant by the election of Mayor Tony Yarber.

Representatives of those organizations were panelists and asked questions of each man seeking office.

The Association of South Jackson Neighborhoods represents about 60,000 residents. Claude McCants is with the Heritage Estates Homeowners Assn.

"We just hope to get a good candidate to participate with the other six candidates in Jackson to move south Jackson to its rightful place. we here in south Jackson are leading the way in terms of crime prevention in some of our cops meetings that we've had we are actually doing a good job," said McCants.

Nearly 100 people attended the forum. Residential groups say they are looking for a representative to bring ideas and solutions to create economic development , improve infrastructure and create youth activities to the south Jackson area.

"And I'm hoping they walk away tonight with some real information. Hopefully the candidates are gonna come with a real plan for Ward Six. So that's what we're looking for, innovative ideas and some real one, two , three things that they can get done in Ward Six," said Willie Jones president of Women for Progress MS.

According to Jackson City Clerk Brenda Pree, there are 20,790 registered voters in the ward. Of that number 16,000 are active voters.

The deadline to vote by absentee ballot is Saturday June 14th at noon. A runoff will be held Tuesday July 1st if needed.

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