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Rico Knives - Business Matters

Father's Day is this weekend and if the outdoorsman in your life is looking for a knife then a bladesmith in Vaughn has you covered.

Tucked behind his home on a highway in Yazoo County, Bobby Rico makes his masterpieces. All by himself, all by his hands and in his words...

"Hot, dirty work," Rico said.

He's been doing "hot, dirty work" for 30 years now. While Rico has always enjoyed knives it was not until he met a knife-maker three decades ago that he found his passion.

He wanted one of the bladesmith's knives until the man named a price.

"I realized that I couldn't afford it, so I decided that I would learn how to do it myself," Rico recounted.

In the last 30 years Rico has gotten good.  So good in-fact that customers from all over the world has sought Rico Knives for a blade of their own.

Customers believe it is a work of art, but the Vaughn bladesmith also wants it to be "art that works".

"I want it to be useful, I want it to be beautiful and I want somebody else to own it," Rico said. "That's the three things I want out of a knife."

If there is another purpose it is that Rico intends for his knives to live beyond him and even its first owner.

"Gives me a great sense of satisfaction to take something, turn it into a useful tool and a piece of art work that someday might be handed down from father-to-son, son-to-grandson and it will become an heirloom," Rico said.

Which is one reason you will never see the same Rico knife twice. Each one is made to be one-of-a-kind, reflecting the man who's name is on the blade.

You can find Rico Damascus knives on his website, RicoKnives.com, or see them for yourself at the annual Chimneyville Festival in December.

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