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Movie filmed at equestrian estate

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A sprawling equestrian facility in Flora is the setting for a new movie. It's a tale about a troubled young girl and her horse. A horse that her father refused to believe in. The location for "A  Gift Horse" just can't get much better. Horses, trainers, and riders gathered for their scenes in the family friendly movie at an open practice arena.

Christina DaveY, the head trainer at Providence Hill Farm said Wednesday, "It's our first movie here and it's great because we have some of our college students as extras riding around and filling in."

Matt Keith is the producer from Louisiana and showed us the gift horse. "This is the star right here. Bop is starring as Misty in the film. We have john Schneider from Dukes of Hazzard, The Have and Have Nots. We have Kyla Kennedy as our lead who was also in Walking Dead. Basically it's an inspirational story." @

Schneider plays the father figure in A Gift Horse. The film tells the story of Amanda, a 10 year old girl who struggles with the death of her mother. She finds inspiration and hope with her white horse. "What makes this movie so special we asked Schneider. Well I think movies with little girls and they love horses and they get a gift horse are always wonderful ."

The comeback horse and star of the movie is a 14 year old gelding. That is owned by Mississippi College,s equestrian program. "He plays a she in the movie right? He gets to play a mare in the movie who's name is Misty. How was this particular horse chosen for the movie? We picked Boppy mainly because he is really quiet he is really easy going. He will stand still for hours."

It's a made for TV movie that is sure to be inspirational for the entire family.

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