Cochran campaigning; McDaniel says he's distorting truth - - Jackson, MS

Cochran campaigning; McDaniel says he's distorting truth

RICHLAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Thad Cochran introduces himself to folks on the campaign trail as if they're complete strangers to the heated runoff race. Yet, there was no hiding what he's done in Washington when he got into his speech. Thursday seemed tailored to the crowd at Empire Trucks in Richland.

"My opponent says he's not going to spend money like I spend money," said Cochran. "Well, you're not going to have any roads and bridges. And you're not going to have a lot of things that are essential to our economic betterment and growth opportunities."

Chris McDaniel tried shooting down that story line while speaking in Starkville.

"We're not going to cut highway construction," explained McDaniel. "That's more fear mongering, more distortions. They're desperate because they know they're losing."

Social media critics jumped on a statement Cochran made in Hattiesburg this week. The Clarion Ledger report said he was recounting childhood days in the country when he said he did "all kinds of indecent things with animals". Thursday, Cochran seemed confused when asked to clarify the remarks.

"Maybe I was misunderstood," he said. "I don't remember saying that."

The political action committee Club for Growth released a TV ad Thursday. It said Cochran votes with the liberals in Washington.

"It's up to them to choose who they want to vote for," Cochran responded. "If they think I haven't voted conservative enough, pick out somebody who has and vote for them."

Both candidates say they feel confident that they're doing all that's necessary to win on the 24th.

Chris McDaniel's camp is pushing out two of the latest polls. One shows him up by 3 points and another by 6.

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