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Look Around: New Capitol gets a renovation

Source: MS Department of Finance and Administration Source: MS Department of Finance and Administration
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The scaffolding is in place and the workers are already hard at it on a facelift for the New Capitol building.

The ‘NEW' Capitol is over a 110 years old, now. But it's new compared to the OLD Capitol building that it replaced.

But anything this old, develops some problems over time.

Lawson Newman oversees the work with WFT Architects and he says even though there was an extensive renovation was done some 30 years ago, it's time for some more fine-tuning.

"A building like this which has a very complicated design especially up around the roof really requires constant maintenance and vigilance to protect from leaks and replace deteriorated materials and things like that. So it's overdue for a renovation."

Kevin Upchurch echoes that. He was in the Senate Chamber and happened to look up at the windows one day.

"I remember it was during the legislative session. There was a lot of hot debate going on and the storms were outside just like there were on the inside. And all of a sudden I looked up and saw something coming off the rim of the painted walls inside the Senate Chamber. And it almost looked like a waterslide the water was coming down and just gushing over into the Senate Chamber."

Well, in two years after this 7-million dollar project is completed, stuff like that will be taken care of.

The windows on the southeast side of the building are being removed and repaired right now. But work is planned from bottom to top, including the tip-top, where the eagle will be re-gilded and the lantern structure under it will be shored up and returned to its original look that was somewhat altered during the last renovation.

Brenda Davis is the curator of the New Capitol and she is excited about the facelift and repairs.

"For the first time ever when it leaks I can say we're fixing it. I've been here nine years now and we've had leaks in the building since I've been here and it's always been we're going to. Now I can say we are."

So we'll have the façade obscured with scaffolding for a couple of years shrouding building. But after that we will have a renewed, New Capitol.

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