Injured Geese Found At Reservoir - - Jackson, MS

Injured geese found at Reservoir

RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A concerned viewer contacted us with concerns about injured geese at the Ross Barnett Reservoir. We went to look for ourselves, and what we found was disturbing.

A group of at least five wild geese were found injured at Lakeshore park in Rankin County. Several have fishing line wrapped around their legs, causing deformities.

On some the line was so tight, it has amputated their leg, forcing them to stand on one foot. The geese appear to be young.

The Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks say they looked at the geese over the weekend, but decided not to disturb them, because they still had the ability to fly, and swim.

"My daughters and I came out here often and have picnics and what not, SAID Brian Jones, the man who said he found the geese. "There's five geese with mangled feet and legs. You can see them dangling. All came up at the same time and we're avid animal lovers."

We were told Monday afternoon, two of the geese were captured by Humane Society Volunteers.

They were taken to a vet in Jackson where they hope to remove the fishing line. They plan to return tomorrow, to capture the remaining three.

Wildlife officials say this should serve as a reminder to always properly dispose of any fishing lines, or plastic.

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