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Jackson FBI chief retires

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Jackson's first African American Special Agent in Charge, Daniel McMullen, is leaving the FBI. Friday was McMullen's last day in the Jackson Field Office as he retires and begins a new chapter in life.

He played a role in busting organized drug distribution operations across the state .

He also has had a hand in breaking up child sex trafficking rings where child prostitution was happening in at least seven Mississippi cities.

McMullen helped put young men behind bars for murdering a Jackson man, James Craig Anderson, for the color of his skin; a case the FBI describes as a racially motivated assault and murder.

Now Jackson's first African American FBI chief is calling it quits.

"To understand the history of the state, to understand what it means for me to be an African American and the leader of the FBI in Mississippi and to understand the FBI's role in the civil rights struggle and to really think in terms of the work those folks did during that period, really allows me to be here today," said McMullen.

McMullen, who has been a key player since being transferred to the Jackson field office in 2009, is leaving just days shy of the Jackson Field Office celebrating it's 50th anniversary after opening its doors in 1964 during Freedom Summer.

McMullen says his FBI career started in Louisiana in 1991. From California to New York McMullen has worked thousands of cases, but through them all, he hopes he has instilled one characteristic within his team.

"Whether it be national security, threats within the community, a traditional violent crime and so forth, it can't be done by one agency," said McMullen. "So, the legacy I hope I have established is that the FBI works well with others, that we look for opportunities to partner, we look for opportunities to leverage each others contribution to the fight."

McMullen, his wife and two sons are leaving the Magnolia State and will move back to California where he will begin a new career outside of the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

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