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Police seek to end gun violence with gang sweep

T-CIRV cards handed out T-CIRV cards handed out
TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Police have released more information about a gang sweep that was conducted in central Toledo on Tuesday.

Officials say a Crip gang operates in a part of town they refer to as "BUMA." The neighborhood is bordered by Bancroft, Upton, Monroe and Auburn. A gang member in the area was out on parole, and police say they warned him not to be involved in any gun violence, or he and his gang would suffer the consequences.

The paroled member was recently linked to a shooting, so Toledo Police, along with state and federal agencies, moved in on the entire gang. The sweep resulted in 14 arrests and four new members identified.

"We don't like to make veiled threats," said TPD Sgt. Joe Heffernan. "If we tell them, ‘If you act up, we're going to come down on your whole crew,' – if we fail to do that, they're not going to listen to us in the future. We warned them, and we are going to come down very hard on them."

Police acted as part of T-CIRV, a partnership of law enforcement and service providers working to stop gun violence in the community. The first role of the sweep is to let gang members know gun violence is not tolerated in Toledo. The second part is to lead members of the gang away from the criminal lifestyle through education and employment programs.

"Even if you are a gang member right now, there is a way out of it," Heffernan said.

During the sweep, police handed out cards that warned the gang to stop the shooting. The cards also had a number people can call to begin to break free from a life of crime. If you are interested in getting help, you can call the T-CIRV Service Line at 419-213-6377.

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