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Some students gear up for SCS dress code changes

For some Shelby County School students that means a new dress code.  (Photo Source: WMC Action News 5) For some Shelby County School students that means a new dress code. (Photo Source: WMC Action News 5)
(WMC) - The calendar may show plenty more days of summer left, but for school kids, it's time to start thinking about heading back to school. For some Shelby County Schools students that means a new dress code.  

Lowrance Elementary School and Highland Oaks Middle School will both see a change to their dress codes. Lowrance Elementary and Highland Oaks Middle school are the only Legacy Shelby County Schools transitioning to a completely new dress code this fall. Any other school that did not require uniforms last year remain unchanged. If a school did not request to modify its dress code, students will continue wear their current attire, uniforms or no uniforms.

"They let us know at the end of the year, last year of their school year," mother Melissa McCrary said. 

McCrary got the note from her daughter's school, Highland Oaks Middle School. She started making plans for the change that her daughter is not thrilled about. 

"Some kids like to be more unique, of course, and put their fashion spin on stuff, and I think she can still do that. It will help kids from teasing other kids," McCrary said. 

Ossie Bell lives just doors down from Lowrance Elementary School and is glad to see kids in standardized uniforms. Through the years, he says he's seen it all. 

"It's just a shame the way some of them left home. I didn't know if they had parents at home or not the way some of them left home," he said. 

Now, parents will start the uniform buying process all over again in just a matter of weeks.

SCS released the following statement: 

The current Shelby County Schools' student dress code will remain the same at all schools in 2014-15 unless a school completed the process to modify its dress code. Only two schools, Lowrance Elementary and Highland Oaks Middle, requested and received District approval to modify its current dress codes. All other school dress codes will remain the same as the 2013-14 school year. Additionally, some schools may have included minor modifications to its current school-based dress codes at the discretion of the principals. You will need to contact your child's school for additional information on attire allowed under a school-specific dress code.

To change its method of dress, a school must request and receive approval from the Superintendent. 

- For more information on Highland Oaks Middle School: This page also has a price guide for the uniforms:
Lowrance Standardized Dress Code is as followed: 

Any SOLID color Polo style shirts with collar and 3 buttons or less; 
Any SOLID color Oxford style shirts or blouses with collar and buttons

Insignias: Must not be any larger than a quarter
Layers: When needed, school attire can be layered with white or black turtlenecks, camisoles, long sleeve or short sleeve T-shirts. *(NO EXCEPTIONS!)

Bottoms can be black, navy, khaki (tan) pants, shorts, skirts, capri pants, or skorts. The length of all bottoms must meet current Shelby County Dress Code Guidelines. *ALL BOTTOMS CAN HAVE INTERIOR POCKETS ONLY! 


Belts must be worn with all bottoms (pants, shorts, skirts, etc.) that contain belt loops. All belts must be a brown or black solid color without any embellishments. Please adhere to the Shelby County Dress Code Guidelines. (3rd – 8th grades only) 

All socks, tights, and knee-highs need to be white, black, gray, blue, or khaki solid colors. LEGGINGS CANNOT BE WORN AT ANY TIME AND THEY CANNOT BE SUBSTITUTED FOR TIGHTS.

Follow the current Shelby County School Dress code guidelines. Tennis shoes preferred. 

Outer Wear

Solid Colors: All jackets with zippers or sweaters, worn during the school day, must be solid in color. Outer wear must also be free of any writing or graphics with the exception of school name and/or logo. 
Please adhere to Shelby County Schools Dress Code Guidelines. *(PULL OVER HOODIES ARE NOT ALLOWED)

*Guidelines pertaining to clothing will apply (i.e. NO oversized 
clothing, shirts must be tucked in, etc.). Jackets and sweaters 
must follow the Shelby County School Dress Code Guidelines.

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