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5K Foam Fest bankrupt, locals upset and not getting refunds

Source: 5K Foam Fest Facebook page Source: 5K Foam Fest Facebook page
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It's a major event that was supposed to come to Jackson, but suddenly the 5K Foam Fest has been cancelled and the company says it's declaring bankruptcy.

The event was originally scheduled for May 30, but was then rescheduled for September 27.

5K Foam Fest released a statement on it's website and Facebook page, and also emailed participants saying:

"Dear 5k Foam Fest Friends,

Our organization has spent years and an incredible amount of money perfecting this great event for the runners we admire so much. However, due to limited resources we are sad to announce that the 5k Foam Fest is cancelling all future events and will no longer be in business as of July 17th, 2014."

This comes as an upset to many event participants who paid $65 to $100 in registration and cannot get refunds. Instead of a refund, the company says they will issue a free registration for other races with another company. 

"We reached out to some industry friends, and we'd like to thank Red Frog Events, the leaders in the running and active entertainment industry, who have stepped up to generously offer you a free registration to any of their 2014 or 2015 running events, which includes Warrior Dash, Epic Fail Challenge, The Cocoa Classic, Bacon Chase, and more to come over the next year, to make up for the cancelled Round House Racing event you are registered for."

The problem with this for any of our local participants is that the closest events for the Epic Fail Challenge, the Cocoa Classic and the Bacon Chase are all in other states, hours away.

The closest event that any local 5K Foam Fest participant can easily attend is the Warrior Dash that just took place in April. So far, there isn't any information about the 2015 event on the Warrior Dash website.

So it looks like if you live in the Jackson area and were planning on participating in the 5K Foam Fest or at least getting some sort of reimbursement, then you'll either be driving at least 6 hours or you're just plain out of luck.

By the way, the 5k Foam Fest says that since they no longer have staff or funds they will not be able to respond to individual emails or phone calls.

So, it looks like participants won't be getting answers anytime soon.

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