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Hinds Co. Supervisor Stokes has concerns about rezoning Norrell Road site

Hinds County Supervisor Kenneth Stokes says he has concerns about a move to rezone land that's on the board of supervisors' agenda Monday morning.

He says he's hearing rumors that this property, 16th section land north of Interstate 20 between Clinton and Bolton, is being marketed for a gun manufacturer to set up shop. Those 640 acres are known as the Norrell Road Site.    

The site plans indicated a 5.2 million square foot facility was possible there, but economic officials said there was no imminent announcement anytime soon.    

Stokes says officials have already said an automotive plant wouldn't go there.

"If they can tell us what's not gonna be there, then surely they can tell us what's gonna be there," said Stokes. "If it's not gonna be a gun plant, say it's not gonna be a gun plant. Don't trick us to vote for something, and then later here comes these gun plants, and we're gonna have more guns and more violence in this community."

Economic officials have not indicated which industry the plans are designed for, only that the example given is for a major manufacturing facility.    

State Senator John Horhn says talks are going on between an industry and the state for the Hinds County property, but says he didn't have any other information.

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