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Jackson Police Chief Horton retires effective immediately

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Jackson Police Chief Lindsey Horton is stepping down. The news comes after a rough week for the city's police department.

His retirement announcement was a surprise to many, including several Jackson City Council members and Assistant Chief Lee Vance, who now will serve as the city's interim chief.

"He seemed to be an honorable man of integrity who wanted to do a good job," Jackson resident Perry Huff said.

That sentiment is shared by many who talked about former Jackson Police Chief Lindsey Horton.

The mayor's office announced Monday morning that Horton had retired, effective immediately. It comes days after the department came under fire from the way its officers responded to a 911 call, shortly before Ruth Helen Harrion was found brutally murdered.

Horton came out in front of the criticism, acknowledging his officers should have done more.

"These are difficult times in the city of Jackson due to recent events," Interim Police Chief Lee Vance said. "We're asking for healing. We're asking for support as we all must work together to make not only the city better, but the police department better."

Huff has called the Capital City home for many years. It's unusual to him that Horton would retire after his efforts for the city.

"He was doing a good job, but we still have too much violence in the city, and I never have understood, frankly, why that cannot be reduced," Huff said.

Vance agrees, saying even one crime in a crime-free neighborhood is too much.

Now, he's asking for support in this new role.

"Pray for me, to give me strength, wisdom and understanding as the leader of this police department," Vance said. "I'm asking for support from the public. Our obligation to them is to give them the best possible police service that we can come up with."

No reason has been given yet for Horton's sudden announcement to retire.

According to a release from the city of Jackson, Horton had been with the department almost thirty years, in law enforcement since 1987.

No timeline has been released by the mayor's office for when a new chief will be chosen.

However, one member of the city council says the job posting for a new chief was already posted Monday morning, a few minutes after the news release of Horton's retirement.

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