Conflict about immigration issues in Mississippi - - Jackson, MS

Governor Bryant at odds with Obama administration immigration policies

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Governor Phil Bryant's Friday letter to the President will now have a follow up. He plans to join other governors on a conference call to the White House Tuesday. The topic will be immigrant children coming into the United States.

"We do not have the wear-with-all, the funding nor do we have the desire to house additional children here in Mississippi," said Bryant.

Bryant's letter to the President made it clear that he will do everything he legally can to stop that from happening.

"It would not only be a disaster and a burden for us," explained Bryant. "But also for the children. These children should be returned home to their parents for the responsibility that they should naturally have of taking care of these children and not be left here in the United States."

The director of Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance or MIRA says it's already happening under the radar. He says some children have been reunited with their families in Mississippi. Others are being housed by unnamed religious groups.

"We need to get them into safety and then worry about the status after that," described Bill Chandler.

Chandler says Bryant should focus on why the children are leaving Central America and crossing the border.

The words "illegal aliens" in Bryant's letter to the President didn't sit well with Chandler.

"They're not illegal," he said. "They're here as people seeking refugee status or asylum because of the violence in the country. And they're certainly not aliens. They are not from Mars or the moon or somewhere, they're human beings."

MIRA and other organizations plan to hold a press conference about the issue later this week. Meanwhile, Bryant is trying to keep the road block up.

"We do not believe this would be the place to send additional children," Bryant said.

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