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McDaniel asks Miss. Supreme Court to hear oral arguments

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LAUREL, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Republican Chris McDaniel's lead attorney Mitch Tyner filed a petition motion for reconsideration, hearing, and clarification with the Mississippi Supreme Court late Friday afternoon in response to the Court's Order of July 17.

"It appears that the Court was hung up on the term "poll book," and did not recognize that the precinct voter listing is used to mark and tally up the voters for the election and then becomes part of the contents of the ballot box," Tyner said.

"If the Supreme Court's order were to stand, it would be an impediment to any candidate ever uncovering election fraud," he continued. "Only candidates with large sums of money would be able to determine whether the party's election was carried out in accordance with Mississippi state statutes," Tyner concluded.

The motion included evidence showing the extraordinary costs a candidate would merit if he were to attempt to gain access to election records.

McDaniel also expressed his thoughts on the ruling.

"This effort is about one goal: making sure Mississippi's voters can trust in the election process. This is not about me, and it is not about Thad Cochran," he continued. "It is about ensuring that the process by which we select our elected representatives is one of integrity. If we are to turn this country around, the people need to engage the system, and that's less likely if voters cannot trust the election process."

Thursday's order asked for more information from all involved parties. McDaniel's campaign is now asking for the opportunity to provide more information with oral arguments before the court.

McDaniel's initial filing of Monday, July 14, was a Petition for Emergency Writ of Mandamus which asked the Supreme Court for an order for Circuit Clerks to more uniformly apply the law that requires access be granted to election records.

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