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Jackson woman hit by stray bullets seeks answers

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Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Jackson woman, who was shot twice by stray bullets outside her home is seeking answers.

Deborah Lewis took a break from mowing her lawn Monday morning. She was sitting on her porch on Dewitt Avenue in Jackson when she heard gun shots.

"Next thing I know bullets were fired and then I felt a burning on my stomach," Lewis explained, "It busted my finger and like I said it bounced off on here."

Stray bullets hit her hand and grazed her stomach.

She says they came from a group of men who were arguing up the street.

"One of the guys came down here and after he found out he had shot me and I was telling him to call the police he went up there and told the other people in the house and they all got in vehicles and left," she explained.  

Lewis says if her hand wasn't partially covering her stomach, the impact could have been deadly. Also her daughter and niece were inside when a bullet went through her front door.

"I'm blessed, better than blessed thank The Lord you know if I would have been sitting there where that bullet went in my door I would have been dead," Lewis explained.

While she's thankful for her life, she's disappointed because she feels her calls to Jackson Police weren't answered promptly.

In an effort to save her life, she had someone else drive her to UMMC.

"After I got up to the hospital, JPD or nobody came up to the hospital to see about me or nothing," she said. 

JPD Spokesperson, Colendula Green says detectives did respond to Lewis home and later to the hospital. She says a report was also made, and detectives are investigating what happened. 

"I gave them tag numbers and I gave them names of the people that were at the house and they still haven't arrest nobody yet," Lewis said. "I mean it makes me feel real sad for the citizens of Jackson, MS."

Lewis says a JPD Detective is now working with her case, but she's upset that the men responsible for the shooting are still on the loose.

She also says this isn't the first time shots were fired in her Georgetown neighborhood and she's calling on community leaders to increase safety there.

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