Suspects caught on camera robbing liquor store, pistol whipped o - - Jackson, MS

Suspects caught on camera robbing liquor store, pistol whipped owner

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Police are looking for three men who allegedly robbed a South Jackson convenient store owner at gunpoint. 

WLBT has exclusive video of the armed robbery that happened last Monday.

"I'm facing all the guns around me. There was no way I could defend myself," said store owner Gobind Dadlani.

For 9 years Dadlani has been servicing this South Jackson community with his convenience store. 

He says he's been robbed before but nothing like this. 

He showed us exclusive video of three men, wearing mask, holding him up at gunpoint. 

"They took my laptop, my smart phone, my personal watch, my basic phone, cash and finally they stole my car." 

The men threatened Dadlani for more valuables and pistol whipped him. 

"It made me feel like...just go head finish me off," Dadlani said. 

The men eventually left the store in Dadlani's car.

Police recovered the car off Hickory Drive this week. Fortunately the men didn't notice his wallet in the visor.

Dadlani says investigators forgot one thing.

"They didn't fingerprint the car."

Finger printing the car -- a critical piece of evidence that could have led police to their suspects. 

Dadlani is now considering leaving this neighborhood because he says it's not worth his life. 

"Well maybe it's time for me to leave,  probably I'm tired of it, I'm terrified" 

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