Beware of the Entergy scam - - Jackson, MS

Beware of the Entergy scam

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A warning from the Better Business Bureau and Mississippi utility companies: it seems when hot or very cold weather hits, bogus callers do too. 

The manager at the Iron Horse Grill in Jackson received a call Tuesday from a Vicksburg number.

"They wanted to take payment over the phone and I said we sent the check out. There is no way this is late. And they said ok, well do you have a confirmation number? Your account number? Or personal information?" the manager told us.

The man claimed to be an Entergy representative -- a so-called disconnector.

The manager said, "I got a call from a random Vicksburg number and they claimed to be Entergy that we had not paid our bill for a couple of months and I needed to make payment through them or they would be here in 30 minutes to cut off  our electricity."

Of course the bill had been paid in full and the call was bogus.

"That's bad trying to scam businesses," the manager said. "We are all trying to make a living, trying to get by businesses don't need to be running around trying to pay a fake bill and lose money out of pocket."

The manager, who did not want to go on camera, is hoping others won't fall for this scheme.

We called the Entergy representative back and we go to hear a recorded message from a man with an accent.

"You have reached the disconnection department....all of our agents are currently on a call. please try again later. "

Don't fall victim to the scam. Entergy and other utility companies don't demand immediate payment by phone.

They will leave recorded messages about late bills.

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