Children compromised after air conditioner theft - - Jackson, MS

Children compromised after air conditioner theft

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The tire tracks are still visible in the grass. Some time on Sunday afternoon, someone drove onto a Catholic Charities property in Jackson, ripped two out of three air conditioning units off of their concrete slabs, and took off.

The A/C units cooled modular buildings that are used for daycare during the week.

So today, Catholic Charities Development Director Michael Thomas says children between 6 weeks and 13 years old are compromised.

"The children that we house in the daycare center, we had to cloister them all together in one building. It's gonna hurt with 30 children all in one building," he says. "I just cannot believe someone would do this to a charity. That's one thing I don't understand, why someone would come to a charity and take something that's so needed for the community. We not only help our programs at Catholic Charities of Jackson, we help other local charities with their children also."

The units are valued at roughly $3,000 each, and they were likely stolen for the copper parts. Catholic Charities, which gets government funding and donations, might not have the money to replace them.

"We're gonna try to get them replaced, but if the community can help, we need their help. We would appreciate anything they can do," Thomas says.

If you can help, call Catholic Charities at 601-326-3714.

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