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Olde Towne Drugs - Business Matters

What's old is new again at a brand new pharmacy/ice cream and soda shop in Brandon. As Anna Claire Heindl brainstormed about her business plan she decided to put an old-fashioned twist on the pharmacy business.

That is why you are as likely to see Heindl mixing up a milkshake at Olde Towne Drugs as a prescription.

"(Reporter) What are you better at making a banana split or mixing a prescription?"

"Definitely mixing a prescription," Heindl responded.

Yeah, don't let the whip cream and caramel sauce fool you. Heindl's expertise is in pharmacy.

"I loved math and chemistry and I didn't want to go to med school, but I did want to do something where I could interact with patients on a daily basis," Heindl said. 

The Brandon native found that outlet in pharmacy and when she went to open her own apothecary she wanted to have a personal touch with a touch of nostalgia. From the vintage seats at the bar, to the decor on the wall. It all creates an inviting atmosphere which is a bit of a throwback.

"We just wanted to go back to the way things used to be with pharmacy," Heindl said. "Where you would come in, sit down, have a cup of coffee, or a milkshake or a coke float, while you wait on your prescription."

With a team of five employees Heindl opened Olde Towne Drugs on July 8, at 1645 West Government Street in Brandon. With that opening Heindl added entrepreneur and job creator to her title of pharmacist.

She has been a pharmacist for several years at different pharmacies in the metro. There she developed her specialization in compounding and hormone replacement therapy.

While she cherished those years working at other pharmacies she always had the motivation to chart her own course.

"I was there for a couple years, but I just realized I had been building my dream for somebody else," Heindl said. 

And now Heindl is building her own dream one script or scoop at a time.

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