Lucky Town Brewing Company - Business Matters - - Jackson, MS

Lucky Town Brewing Company - Business Matters

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

In the midst of Mississippi Craft Beer Week, some pioneers on the frontier of Mississippi brewing are getting ready to start making beer here in Jackson. Slowly but surely the Lucky Town Brewing Company is taking shape.

After acquiring this Mill Street, Jackson, warehouse in the spring, this past weekend all of their equipment arrived from Wisconsin. Now on the brink of large scale brewing the folks behind Lucky Town, like co-founder Chip Jones, is remembering this has not happened overnight.

"We knew that if we wanted to build this into something that we really wanted to be it was going to take some sacrifices of time, effort and money," Jones said.

It really started more than 10 years ago when brewmaster Lucas Simmons started home-brewing at his house in Gluckstadt. Now, Jones, Simmons, Brandon Blacklidge and Angela Blackburn are excited to claim the only commercially brewed craft beer in the metro.

"This is where we are from," Jones said. "We wanted to provide something to Mississippi and to Jackson which has never been here before."

Many micro-brew connoisseurs are familiar with Lucky Town's three varieties: Pub Ale, an English style mild ale, Ballistic Blonde, a Belgian style blonde ale and Flare Incident, an oatmeal stout with maple syrup and brown sugar. 

All of the above were are being brewed in Alabama, but the beers will be brewed locally once they are fully-operational at Mill Street. Lucky Town's team wants to help fans celebrate their local brew, so they plan to be accessible.

"When we open we'll be offering tours and we'll have a tasting room when people can come in and sample the beer," Jones said.

Accessibility does not stop at letting people in, but getting their beer out. To date Lucky Town has only been available by the glass, but Jones says cans of Lucky Town should start popping up pretty soon.

He gave us their reasoning for deciding to go with cans over bottles.

"You can take cans anywhere: golf courses, beaches, pools and concerts," Jones said.

Cans of Lucky Town should hit shelves the same time they plan on opening their brewery, which Jones hopes will be in late September or early October.

As for the name, you'll remember Simmons started home-brewing in Gluckstadt. In German "gluckstadt" translates to "lucky town".

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