Neshoba fairgoers prepare for Thursday political speeches - - Jackson, MS

Neshoba fairgoers prepare for Thursday political speeches

NESHOBA COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Neshoba County Fair is known as the state's giant house party. That party breaks for a different kind of attraction for two days every year.

Mississippi politics have some deep roots at the Neshoba County Fair. Wednesday's speeches from statewide officials were the usual "brag on the past year's accomplishments".

Crowds listened as some officials jump started their 2015 re-election campaigns. Meanwhile, Senator Giles Ward-R announced he won't seek re-election after two terms in the legislature.

Some of these folks in Founders Square are still talking about political speeches that happened decades ago. But Wednesday, some of that focus shifted to what the Senate candidates will say on Thursday.

It's set to be the first time for Travis Childers and Thad Cochran to be in the same location.

"A lot of people wondering if Senator Cochran would actually show up," admitted fairgoer Chuck Lewis.

The other dynamic folks are chatting about as they porch sit and gossip is whether Chris McDaniel supporters will show up.

"Even though things are over-the-top usually at the Neshoba County Fair, you'll see cheering, booing, heckling," said former Mississippi Secretary of State Dick Molpus. "But usually, at least historically, none of that has been taken that seriously. This is kind of raw bones politics out here that usually ends on the friendly note. Let's hope it does tomorrow."

There's plenty of speculation on what the atmosphere will be like. Yet, the folks who've been around this Neshoba block a time or two know how to prepare.

"Many many many people here," longtime fairgoer Lavelle Woodrick described. "Multitudes, on both sides."

We plan to stream tomorrow's speeches. Travis Childers is scheduled to speak at 10:20, followed by Thad Cochran at 10:30, and Governor Bryant after that.

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