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Charge for defaced Miranda Lambert welcome sign increases

(Source: KLTV News Staff) (Source: KLTV News Staff)

Employees of the city of Lindale tried to clean the marks off the “Welcome to Lindale “sign featuring Miranda Lambert, but no matter what they tried the marks remain.

According to Lindale city manager Craig Lindholm city police first tried to clean the marks off of the welcome to Lindale sign using soap and water. Craig says when police looked closely at the marks they got an idea of what made them.

“A dark marks-a-lot or something like that. Some kind of a permanent marker that was used on the vinyl to create the mustache, and they tried to use a lot of different solvents to remove it. It did not remove it. It actually started deteriorating the vinyl,” Lindholm said.

The marks still weren't coming off so they decided to stop. The Lindale Rotary Club owns and maintains the sign. They have contacted the company that made the sign for a replacement.

“We anticipate the cost to be between eight and nine-hundred dollars for that one board,” Lindholm stated.

And since the cost of fixing the sign is over $500 the offense has increased to a class A misdemeanor.

“When the person is apprehended, yes, the person would be responsible for restitution, and I’m sure there would be some fines that would be associated with that and even though it would be a misdemeanor I believe at that level they could get some jail time for this,” Lindholm revealed.

The Lindale Rotary Club expects to be reimbursed for the cost of the sign, and the city just wants to put this behind them.

“We’re looking forward to getting Miranda’s pretty face back where it needs to be: welcoming folks to Lindale Texas.

Lindholm says he’s seen the process of printing vinyl billboards before, and it doesn’t take long. He expects the replacement to be in place in the next couple weeks.

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