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Rally for Medicaid Expansion at state capitol

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Some people rallied on the steps of the state capitol to raise awareness about the number of people without health insurance in the state.

They are calling for Medicaid expansion. A recent study by the Kaiser Foundation showed that 21% of Mississippi's population lacks health insurance.

That's the second highest percentage of uninsured in the country.

Organizers of this rally are hoping to spark interest to change that statistic.

"There are no states in the Deep South that have expanded Medicaid so why not let us be number 1 in getting Medicaid in the south and not be number 1 for a rise in the uninsured," said Michael Johansson, organizer of the rally. 

"We get sick, we have illnesses, emergencies come up and the only thing that we can do is just wait it out I think for so long that's we feel like we have to do just wait it out and be content," said I'remari Grace, who has no health insurance.

Organizers plan to host these rallies on the first Sunday of every month.

They are calling for those who don't have health insurance to come out and join them.

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