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Highlands Mobile Home Park preparing to move residents back in

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PEARL, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Four months ago an EF3 tornado slammed the metro area. One person was killed and several injured. Tuesday a hard hit Pearl mobile home community was preparing to move residents back in.

There is little sign of damage left in portions of the Highlands Mobile Home Park. Only empty slabs.

Reports from the Mayor indicate some 50 mobile homes were picked up like tinker toys and dropped out of the sky, outdated tie downs dangled from the trailers that were rolled into each other.

"Totally destroyed. It looked like a bomb had gone off. It did," Mayor Brad Rogers recalled.

Pearl has a general ordinance on the books. It states mobile homes must be 1400 square feet. But the ones that used to dot this park were 16 x 80, about 1280 square feet.

Some residents are concerned they can't meet the larger living space requirement. But we have learned there is a loophole in the law and option called conditional use permits.

"The 16 x 80 does not meet the spec," said Mayor Rogers.

Rogers say if a mobile homes doesn't  meet the specs, people should come to the city and ask for a conditional use permit.

Monday night, Pearl officials approved several conditional use permits for the Highlands Mobile Home Park. Soon 16 x 80 foot trailers can be set up again.

"And as I said, if it deals with a storm related incident there have been no issues to a tee." said the Mayor.

Roger's says the city has rules, and conditional use ordinances are key points that apply to mobile homes damaged in the violent April twister. Permits usually take about a month and a half to get approval.

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